While heading to the bakery for a fresh loaf of Italian bread, I was startled by the sight of not just one fruitcake display, but two:
King Soopers Fruitcake display King Soopers fruitcake basket

There was no one in the vicinity to hear my shocked gasp, and of course, no one to answer these very important questions:

Since the display piece was full, where did the other fruitcake come from? Does this mean someone has actually purchased some fruitcake? Most importantly, why do they have so much fruitcake, when there is already a glut of fruitcake in circulation?

This affront to the environment was on display at King Soopers in Littleton, Colorado. If you see fruitcake on display in your local supermarket, please send us a photo, and the location, so we can track these fruitcakes as they enter circulation. Hopefully, the recipients will care enough about the planet to send them to us for recycling.

Thank you for your support.