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We’ve received a lot of email with inquiries as to what we do with all the fruitcakes that we receive. Right now we have two main projects:

fruitcake recycling plant

  • We are currently supporting the DOT’s experiments with ground fruitcake as a road base. With our help, roadways will become concrete-free within 10 years.
  • We are building a new fruitcake recycling warehouse, replacing the bricks with fruitcake, as they are heavier and will withstand more extremes in weather without breaking down.
  • We are investigating other environmentally-conscious projects to implement in the coming weeks.

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Thanks for visiting! Remember, it’s up to concerned citizens like you to keep our landfills fruitcake-free.


Please recycle your fruitcake and save the earth.
If we all pitch in, we can make a difference, one fruitcake at a time.