Fruitcake lasts forever, and is virtually indestructible, making it the perfect craft supply. Here’s some handy ideas for putting it to use

Dart Board Kitchen Utensil Caddy Centerpiece
Fruitcake dartboard Fruitcake Kitchen Utensil Caddy Fruitcake Candle Holder
Christmas Wreath DoorStop Knife Rack
Fruitcake Wreath Fruitcake Doorstop  
 Fruitcake Knife Holder

We haven’t made these, but have heard reports that you can:

  • Strap them on your shoes for Ice Skating.
  • Put one in the trunk of your car to aid with traction.
  • Grab a couple when you want to get in shape – they’re great hand weights
  • Use fruitcake next time you need to put your car up on blocks.
  • Hollow out to make a festive picture frame.
  • It comes in handy with a wobbly table or chair. Slice off as much as you need and put it under the short leg.
  • Use as speed bumps to foil the neighborhood drag racers.
  • We’ll bet you didn’t know fruitcake makes a handy hammer.
  • Kids can use fruitcake to make an indestructible fort. We’re waiting for someone to build a house out of fruitcake.
  • You could use fruitcake as the weights on a grandfather clock.
  • Fruitcake makes a colorful sail boat ballast.
  • Scuba dive weight.
  • Hollow out to store valuables – no one will touch it, so your valuables will stay safe!
  • It would even be useful as a counterbalance weight on a cantilever crane.

We’ve been told that fruitcake is what is really keeping the Space Needle from being blown over.

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