Fruitcake Proliferation: The Environmental Impact

Fruitcakes in LandfillMany experts believe recycling started in 1913, when the first mail-ordered fruitcake was sent. Fruitcakes have been handed off from friend to co-worker, and through generations as they are passed from grandmother, to mother, to child. Unfortunately, even in these eco-friendly times, this long-held tradition is losing ground. Each year, unwanted fruitakes are making it to our landfills, causing potentially irreparable damage to our fragile ecosystem.

Experts1 agree that it takes the average fruitcake about 50 years to begin the decomposition process, which causes the release of dangerous greenhouse gases. The decomposing fruitcakes in our landfills now were first deposited there in the late 1950’s. Most alarming to scientists is the fact that billions of fruitcakes are distributed worldwide each year.2 It is estimated that millions of those make their way to the landfills each year.2 International Agencies3 state that when a fruitcake eventually breaks down, the damage is far-reaching.


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