There was a wedding in the UK today, and for some reason, people all over the world were spellbound as a guy from an antiquated monarchy married a lovely young woman in a ceremony that reeked of Narnia and fairy tales, filled with lace, trains, and centuries of tradition. Elegant and common; just the stuff the Brits eat up.

royal wedding cakeThey also eat fruitcake. We Americans established our independence from Britain many years ago, with a big Tea Party and the Declaration of Independence. Although fruitcake wasn’t named anywhere in the document, it had to be a huge consideration.

The royal wedding cake looked beautiful. From the outside. Beautiful flowers and piping that took five weeks to create, covering a fruitcake, the traditional wedding cake of Britain. How fresh did the cake or frosting taste after sitting around for five weeks? Did it matter? If you’ve tasted British cooking, you know the answer.

The baker was quoted as saying, “We reflected some of the architectural details in the room so the garlands on the walls were reproduced loosely on the fourth tier.” Based on our experience with fruitcake, the flavor and texture probably mimicked the walls, as well.