After posting a photo taken of a display at the local supermarket that had one fruitcake missing, I promised to let you know if they were all sold.

So far, they haven’t.

The next time I stopped in, the display was gone, the “Holiday Fruitcake” had been reduced to $3.99, moved to a shelf, and joined by a competitor (Claxton). From the original display of 48 cakes, 25 had sold (shocking, but true), and 23 remained on the shelf.

Why is this significant? The next time I stopped in, the Claxton fruitcakes were all gone, and the “Holiday Fruitcakes” count had increased to 39. It’s like they were multiplying. That’s the thing about fruitcake. You can’t take your eyes off of it for a moment.

Forward to Christmas Eve. 27 fruitcakes.

December 26: The same 27 fruitcakes. No one has touched them in days.

December 27: the same 27, and now they’re $1.99. As a sort of grocery camouflage, someone put cookies on the shelf in front, so you can’t see how many there are. Nice ploy. Nobody’s buying it. Or the fruitcakes.

I wonder how low the price will need to go before they are all sold.

Here’s my theory: The fruitcakes will sit there, because no one buys fruitcake for themselves. Now that the holiday is over, and there is no one to foist a fruitcake upon, they have completely lost their appeal.

This supermarket donates leftover baked goods to a local food bank. A nice gesture, but I hope they think twice before donating the remaining fruitcakes. The homeless have suffered enough.