There’s plenty of talk on radio and tv talk shows, the news, and all over the internet about Earth Day today. Composting, reduce, reuse, and recycle are the buzz words everywhere. As you look at the size of your carbon footprint, remember, one fruitcake can do more damage than 10,000 baby diapers, and of course, is just as disgusting and inedible.

There are millions of fruitcakes sitting in cupboards all around the world, just waiting to be unleashed, and regifted, during the next holiday gift-giving season. We implore you to do your part to save Mother Earth. Find those fruitcakes and recycle them, or you could be the unlucky recipient next Christmas. Do it now, or regret it later.

Thanks for helping us in the fight against fruitcake proliferation. Together, we can make a difference, one fruitcake at a time.