store display of fruitcakeWe don’t do Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday or whatever Sunday was. We pretty much leave the shopping to the experts over Thanksgiving weekend and stay home to avoid any chance of running into the trappings of Christmas. Had to head out today to gather some sustenance, and got the first sighting of the season. Of not just one fruitcake, but three.

In addition to the usual “Holiday Fruit Cake”, they had an amusing “Fruit, Nut and Spice Cake”, which was completely outdone by the hilarious “Fruit and Nut Dessert Cake”. No matter what it’s called, or how they package it, the end result is the same. A brick. A log. A heavy bit of confectionery that ruins any holiday.

Why do we put ourselves through this every year? Because we care. We care about you. We care about this earth we all call home.

Be careful out there. More fruitcake is on the way.