While in pursuit of fruitcake that is actually edible, we came across some alternatives that sound downright delicious. What we like the most about them is their complete dissimilarity to fruitcake, and obvious lack of day-glo fruit bits and citron.

No Bake

The No Bake Christmas Fruitcake uses just 6 ingredients, which include chocolate chip cookies and heavy cream, mixed with other goodies and frozen for a light, creamy dessert: https://www.roxanashomebaking.com/bake-christmas-fruit-cake-recipe/

Bourbon Fruitcake Pops

Bourbon Fruitcake Ice Cream Pops are too easy and fun. Just take some ice cream, add bourbon, and freeze. Add sticks, dip in honey, roll in nuts and candy for  little treats that the adults will enjoy. https://www.brit.co/bourbon-fruitcake-pops/

Serve with a glass of bourbon on the side and your guests might forget you called this “fruitcake”.

Cherry Coke

Chocolate Cherry Coke Fruitcake – Who didn’t love Cherry Coke as a kid? This cake is a lot more work than the previous two treats, but with chocolate as the main ingredient, it’s a recipe we can’t wait to try. If it turns out as tasty as it looks, we won’t be sharing. https://www.coca-colacompany.com/holidays/chocolate-cherry-coke-fruitcake

The next time someone mentions how much they hate fruitcake, you can tell them that there really is such a thing as an edible fruitcake, and share these three examples. The best part: none of them resemble a traditional fruitcake any way, which is what makes them so delightful.