Fruitcake comes back

Ever had the misfortune of an annoying house guest who overstayed their welcome long before they stepped through the door? What if you threw them out, and they kept coming back? It would be a nightmare.

Fruitcake has a reputation far worse than your run-of-the-mill unwanted house guest. The more you don’t want it in your home, the harder it works to seek you out. Throw it out, and it will find its way back to you. We’ve heard stories of people receiving the same fruitcake, year after year.

Take a stand against unwanted fruitcake! Don’t suffer in silence. Speak out. Tell Aunt Edna you’d rather not have her handmade creation. Put out a note instructing the mailman to return all fruitcakes to sender. Declare your home a fruitcake-free zone. The madness must stop.

(Many thanks to Kev Brockschmidt, Illustrator: for permission to use this comic.)