What’s worse than fruitcake? Moldy fruitcake. Especially when it’s intended for dogs. Claudia’s Canine Cuisine is voluntarily recalling Dog Candy Fruit Hound Cake (7.5oz) and Dog Candy Blueberry Hound Cake (7.5oz) because of potential mold contamination. Although no illnesses have been reported, it’s important to not feed this fruitcake to your dog, and return it to PetSmart, or wherever you bought it.

dog candy hound cake

You shouldn’t feed the “regular” kind to your animals, either, because the currants, raisins, and alcohol could kill them. It’s even worse for them than it is for humans, believe it or not.

If you bought fruitcake for your dog, haven’t you been listening??! Fruitcake, whether intended for humans or animals, is a dangerous environmental threat.

This Christmas, don’t buy a fruitcake for anyone, animal or human. Don’t bake a fruitcake, and if you get a fruitcake, please regift, reuse, or recycle it to save our planet!