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SCRANTON: In the middle of a lull between lunch and dinner rushes, a man burst into a pastry store this afternoon and demanded a large sum of money, holding a gun to the store clerk’s head.
fruitcake victim

A man held a fruitcake hostage for nearly eight hours this afternoon.

But the fiasco started when the money could not be produced. The would-be thief ordered everyone in the store out at gunpoint and sat in the back room for eight hours, holding a fruitcake as a hostage and demanding a ransom.

Strawberry shortcake had a lot to say to us, “It was terrifying. When the gun came out and the money wasn’t there, we didn’t know if we were going to be eaten or shot. And then, when all the people and the clerk were told to leave, we really thought it was the end. Chocolate cake nearly melted when he took fruitcake from her shelf and into the back room, but we’re just glad that it’s all over and that everyone is ok.”

The fruitcake in question was held at gunpoint for nearly eight hours until the man emerged with his hands above his head. In the time that passed, the entire police force had arrived, complete with a helicopter and a SWAT team. Fearing for the pastries, no canine units were deployed.

Our own correspondent, Loretta von Birch, was on scene today: “Leafy, we cannot immediately confirm the initial amount that the thief was asking for, however we do know that he held the fruitcake in the room and demanded no less than $20,000 for its release. The owner of the store was only called after the police arrived and completely unaware of the situation until then. No people or pastries appeared to have any injuries from the incident, however one customer did manage to trip down the step on his way out of the building.”

There were four customers in the store at the time, in addition to the clerk. All were apparently confused when they were ordered out of the store. One customer gave Loretta his thoughts: “I kept telling myself to stay calm until he made us leave. Then I started asking myself if I should just go home. What kind of stick-up was that, letting us go free in exchange for a fruitcake? Nobody likes¬†fruitcake!”

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