It’s disturbing enough that many companies, with no regard for our environment or the future of this planet, have dedicated themselves to the task of making fruitcake every year. There are already more fruitcakes circulating the globe than there are people who actually eat them. (Although we believe this is an urban myth – who would actually eat fruitcake?)

Chefs at Country Fare, at Mallerstang near Kirkby Stephen, England, have developed a new fruitcake (Orange Blossom Honey Cake) that is durable enough to be shipped anywhere in the world. Think of it: this fruitcake could make its way into pristine areas formerly untouched by modern civilization. No one, anywhere, will be safe from the possible “gift” of fruitcake, once this catches on.

do it yourself fruitcakeBut they didn’t stop there. They also have a DIY fruitcake package, so they can lure even more people into the practice of making unwanted fruitcakes at Christmas.

Sometimes, we feel like we’re yelling into the wind. The harder we fight against the devastating environmental danger of fruitcake proliferation, the more of these type of stories show up.

Help us in the fight against fruitcake proliferation. Together, we can do it, one fruitcake at a time.

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