fruitcake trashMany people think we shut down our operation after the holidays, because fruitcake is only sold or gifted during that time. We actually work year-round, because fruitcake will show up just about any time, anywhere. An alert, environmentally-conscious reader contacted us today when she noticed that 8 fruitcakes, weighing nearly 15 pounds, had just been pulled from the shelves of a local market, and were headed for the trash. All 8 were absolutely dripping with Cherry Brandy, but even a heavy bath of booze didn’t convince anyone to buy them. Without our intervention, they would be in the landfill, damaging the water table, and releasing their noxious fumes into the air. The fruitcakes will be recycled and put to good use in research and building projects. Thanks to the quick action of one concerned citizen, the planet is one step closer to fruitcake eradication.