If you made any New Year’s Resolutions, you’re in good company. Although lots of people make resolutions, most of them are quickly abandoned. The number one resolution is tied between “losing weight” and “getting fit.” I’m happy to report that fruitcake can help you with both of those goals, so you’ll be able to keep your resolution, and achieve your goals. The video below will show you how to add fruitcake to your fitness program.

You probably have more ideas for working out with fruitcake, and we’d love to hear them. Feel free to post them in the comments, or send an email.

If you don’t have any fruitcake, ask around. You are certain to find a lot of people who would love to give you theirs. As a last resort, check out the grocery stores and bakeries. Fruitcakes are heavily discounted now, so you can pick them up cheap. Since fruitcake lasts forever, this is an inexpensive way to add some a versatile piece of equipment to your home gym.