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Things to consider
  • A fruitcake, no matter how well intentioned a gift, is still a fruitcake.
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First sighting of the season

While strolling down the aisle at WalMart that contains all those “I didn’t know what to get you, and wasn’t planning to spend a lot of money, but felt like I had to buy something, so, HERE,” gifts, I sighted the first fruitcake of the season. Two kinds, actually.
Fruitcake November 8, 2012
They are selling the pre-sliced fruitcake bar/log/brick, and a Fruitcake ring/weapon of destruction, with a weight of 28 oz. For their small size, these things were heavy.

Yes, I picked them up. And put them down. Just like any reasonable and responsible person should.

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Recycled Fruitcakes

What happens to the recycled fruitcake?

Fruitcakes sent to us in their original, unopened packaging are redistributed to people who request them.

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If the packaging is opened or damaged, we use them for research, and a variety of craft projects.
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